Legacy Systems and CI/CD: A simple How-To.
Jimmy Judd

When people hear “VAX assembly,” they immediately assume an application deployed once every year or two and developed using waterfall and a collection of antiquated technology practices. In this case, those are some very incorrect assumptions. Ticketmaster’s core ticketing engine is an almost 45-year-old platform primarily written in VAX assembly yet developed and deployed in a remarkably modern way (despite the fact that no modern CICD tools are built with VAX assembly in mind). They said it couldn’t be done, but we achieved continuous integration and frequent releases.

This session will use the specific Ticketmaster example to illustrate general principles about how to approach designing and implementing CICD for legacy systems, specifically for systems that will not be easily served by popular devops tooling. Attendees will leave with the confidence and know-how to get started on their CICD journey.

Learning Objectives
Increased confidence in tackling non-standard CI/CD challenges
Understand how to assess the current state of automation
Ability to create a high-level plan for implementing CI and CD for legacy systems
Apply techniques for thin slicing CICD implementation work for legacy systems
Understand things to consider when designing and implementing a deployment approach
Learning Level
Session Type
Technical, legacy, CICD