Six Tips to Improve your Influence and Negotiation Skills
Lemont Chambliss Julee Everett

Are you a Scrum Master having trouble navigating conflicts? Perhaps you're a Product Owner who has to negotiate scope and timelines with stakeholders. Maybe you're an Agile Coach who needs to find ways to build empathy with your teams. If so, you're not alone! Confronting problems is inevitable and we often struggle with influence and negotiation. To learn these valuable skills, this engaging workshop will teach you about negotiation from the best in the business: FBI hostage negotiators. Stakeholder negotiation is not the same criticality as hostage negotiation. However, people who master the art of influence and negotiation can resolve differences without escalating into damaging conflicts, collaborate better across the organization, and help their teams avoid wasted time and spin. Negotiation techniques have evolved. Participants will learn modern negotiating techniques and apply them in a real-world Agile scenario. You will learn to prepare for and participate in a stakeholder negotiation. You will leave feeling ready and confident for their next negotiation.

This session will NOT be recorded. Attendance is first come, first serve. 

This session will be delivered on Zoom.

Learning Objectives
1. Understand six techniques to influence stakeholders
2. Learn how to leverage the techniques to connect with your counterpart, diffuse emotions and reveal motivations
3. Apply the framework to gain stakeholder buy-in and influence outcomes
Learning Level
Session Type
Leadership, people, Product, product_management, communication, professionaldevelopment, psychological, product owner, negotiation, influence, stakeholdermanagement