Transforming business models in the pandemic
Zsofia Herendi

In pre-Covid times would you think that car sales companies will accompany you on test drives via FaceTime? Or that during online live shows you could get drinks with one click delivered to your doors? All these kind of business transformations were basically "forced" by Covid, and many companies say that they won't go back to the old way. What if you need to transform your business quickly because something externally makes you to change it? Business modeling and business model innovation are techniques that help us building up businesses whilst keeping up with the latest trends and also can guide us what to do in a situation that impacts thousands of businesses in a negative way.

In this session you can learn about the basics of business modeling and how to transform your business if you want to do it successfully. We will also see examples of how companies used it during the pandemic.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this session you will be able to
- know what a business model is and why it is important (and essential) to innovate on it from time to time
- know exactly what to do when you need to face with a situation like Covid that impacts thousands of businesses all over the world.
Learning Level
Session Type
innovation, transformation, strategy, Process, businessModel, pandemic, businessModeling