When life gives you a log cabin with agility!
Kevin Sutherland

Do you feel like you keep hearing the *same agile presentations* over and over? Are you experiencing fatigue with best practices for running standups...minimizing meeting time...writing working agreements...removing impediments? Are you interested in a **unique and intriguing** learning experience? If so, I would be honored to share my experience with you! In the 2020 "Midwest hurricane" (derecho), we lost around 30 mature trees to the storm. I commented to my wife that "we could build a log cabin out of all these downed trees" thing I know, building a log cabin became the highest priority item on my backlog. We started without any detailed plans, timelines, or predefined notions of the final product, using a high-level vision and continual inspection/adaption to guide our progress. The final result was far better than we ever imagined! We successfully applied agile values, principles, and practices to the effort, resulting in a product I expect our family to enjoy for many years. At the same time, I was engaged in two challenging initiatives at work and tried the same approaches with *equal success!*

In this presentation, I will discuss the challenges presented in each scenario, the agile principles applied, and what I/others learned as a result.

Learning Objectives
1. Vision over planning - uncertainty requires design flexibility
2. Experimentation, then continuous inspection and adaption over delivery frameworks
3. Skill and job fit over scale
Learning Level
Session Type
Experience Report
Scaling, vision, iteration, inspect-and-adapt, continuous-learning, XR