The process to solving anything
Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning

How would you like to crack the code of learning how to solve anything? Yes that's right, anything! Bold claim but this talk is using core solution focused coaching techniques and the art of co-creation, used in the coaching industry daily to help individuals navigate their goals and aspirations. You will be exposed to some of the neuro-science behind why these techniques have the impacts they do and how you can adopt and apply - you'll be surprised how straight forward and powerful it is. We will also explore some of the psychological barriers that holds up even the most desiring individuals wanting to embrace co-creation and how you can navigate these.

Learning Objectives
- What is the HOOKd method?
- The neuro-science and the art of co-creation.
- Psychological barriers that get in the way of co-creation and how to navigate them.
- How to apply the HOOKd method to your life, work, coaching.
Learning Level
Session Type
Neuroscience, Co-Creation, HOOKd, CoachingMindset, Process