Tyranny of Taylorism and how to Detect Agile BS
Martin Hinshelwood

Even those that developed and industrialised waterfall no longer believe it has value, and they still struggle with the tyranny of Taylorism. While 81% of all development shops say that they are adopting agile, the reality is far from it; only 22% do short iterations, 16% have ordered backlogs, & 13% do retrospectives! They still lack feedback loops. This talk will take a walk through history from 1890 through to the present and follow the rise and eventual fall of Waterfall in the very organisation that developed it; the US Military-Industrial Complex. From communities through the industrial revolution, mechanisation of the workforce, the first MBA's, the pursuit of hierarchical plan-driven solutions, and bureaucracy to the realisation of reality and the struggle to change.

Learning Objectives
A 6 point litmus test for agility.
Greater understanding of what folks are not going that they should.
Learning Level
Session Type
Taylorism, Process