Welcome to Agile2023 Scotland!

We’re glad that you’ve landed on this page – hopefully you’re as excited as we are about our first experiment in a parallel Agile2023 event in Edinburgh, Scotland! This conference takes inspiration from all the tracks in Orlando shown below, has its own amazing keynote, and will also have the chance to engage in sessions with Orlando. Be sure to check out the wonderful team of people, who helped in shaping and guiding the creation of Agile2023 Scotland!

Conference Overview


•  Multiple sessions at a time

•  Talks and workshops

•  Select sessions live-streamed from Agile2023 Orlando


We will be kicking off with a Keynote from none other than the wonderful Lyssa Adkins. We will then have options covering people, products, teams, organizations, technology and things in between. So, if you want to hear a myriad of stories from wonderful enthusiastic speakers, try out some new techniques, challenge your thinking or approach and have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with others then Scotland on July 24th and 25th is the place to be.


The complete Agile2023 Scotland program with speakers, workshops, and panel sessions will be announced in the Spring of 2023.

Agile2023 Scotland Conference Tracks

Energizing People and Teams

Collaboration techniques and technologies are more sophisticated and creative than ever, giving us tools to bring ever richer and more diverse groups of humans together to solve the world’s wicked problems. After gathering those people into teams, how do we ignite their passion, tap into their collective brilliance and continuously foster their creative energy to amplify team performance?

As a community grounded in continuous improvement, we have constantly broadened our influences, expanded our knowledge, and borrowed from other disciplines to deepen our understanding and improve our ability to guide, support, lead, and do.

What have you learned lately? What have you tried? Whose influences have you brought to bear as you try to foster connection, collaboration, creativity and inspiration? How have you and your teams found new ways to achieve together? How is your team—dev team to exec team to volunteer team—stronger than ever?

We want this track to educate and energize Agile2023 attendees with new ideas, new connections, new techniques and new reasons to keep improving how we work together.

We expect this description to evolve as we learn more about the things that are interesting to us and the community at large.

Accelerating Products

Welcome to the Accelerating Products track!

On this track, we will explore Agile and Agile-adjacent ways for designing, developing, and caring for great products.

While the term Accelerating Products might feel one dimensional it covers a plethora of different disciplines such as:

  • Discovering practices to help the work flow faster, smother, and better during delivery
  • Agile as an accelerant outside of software
  • Learning and leading how to make products more inclusive
  • Building sustainability into every step of the journey
  • Marketing and sales are an equally important part of product delivery; where are they on their Agile journeys
  • Successful organizational change management can dramatically improve the uptake of a new product

Do you have a story to tell, a novel practice that changed your world, or perhaps a journey you made towards a more sustainable product for a better world. If you do then we really want to hear about them, welcome to your home, Accelerating Products!

Enriching Organizations

How often do you attend sessions, gain a wealth of knowledge, and then struggle with how to operationalize it within your organization across hundreds to thousands of individuals? The Enriching Organizations track provides sessions on everyday problem-solving and specific and actionable advice you can bring back for experimentation.

For this track, show us how your topic relates to the needs of organizations. This track will explore topics including, but not limited to:

  • Systems thinking
  • Portfolios, roadmaps, and planning
  • Dependencies
  • Organizational structures, team formation, matrixed reporting
  • Career frameworks
  • Budgeting
  • Strategic goal-setting and tracking
  • Business operations
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEBI) initiatives
  • Organizational change and modernization
  • ...and, of course, anything and everything at scale


Technology for All

We are status quo breakers, disability advocates, and technical evangelists  creating space for innovation. So what if we could explore more ways technology can break barriers and engage in accessible solutions?

Tying into the extreme programming values of respect and courage Technology is a world of constant change. Therefore, we must continue to share and learn together as a community. Technology for All desires to improve the technical competency of the agile community as well as find a way to bridge the gap between the needs of business and IT leaders.

This track will be devoted to thinking beyond the tech of today and finding means of exploring the future we desire. Topics encouraged for this track include:

  • Creating an avenue for people that are leveraging technological solutions to make an impact on their community.
  • Transforming workspaces into accessible collaboration environments for all of our colleagues.
  • Breaking tech barriers to create smarter cities.
  • Removing the barriers of entry for those in various roles, industries, or diverse people groups.

We are looking for people to share all the ideas, topics, conversations and learnings in this space to help others make technology transformational for people, process, cultures, and worlds.