Product operations in the real world: meetings are good, actually

Executives want people back in the office. As people have gone back, the latest anti-meeting cycle has started again. People feel like meetings are a waste of time and this is exacerbated by exhausting hybrid schedules. Product operations is an emerging practice that helps “PM the PM experience” and create more effective teams overall. Product operations helps the team align, solve problems, and make decisions. The reaction to this anti-meeting sentiment has led product operations people to enable an endless number of documents and chat channels. This has caused a different type of burn out by an overwhelming amount of information. Even though more is being documented, even less is understood and taken action on. In addition, we miss out on discourse that can help us improve our work. In this talk, Chris Butler will explain why removing all meetings is not the answer. He will address the reason why meetings can be so bad and offer an alternative through product operations practice. It isn’t just about adding an agenda and following up with action items. There is a craft to creating and facilitating good discourse synchronously and asynchronously, based on the mediums strengths.

Chris Butler
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Location Name
Texas 5
Session Type
Accelerating Products
Learning Level
Learning Objectives
* Learn how to discern whether meetings are appropriate or whether you can depend on async methods for your goal
* Support teams through product operations practices for setting cadences and tripwires to consider just-in-time practices
* Evaluate your team’s current practices in meetings to motivate cancelation or improvement
* Create a set of containers to have better interactions for your team
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