Agile Essentials: Product
The heart of agile is satisfying customers with viable, feasible, and delightful products. Agile product roles and practices are designed to help teams align priorities and facilitate effective communication of a clear vision and roadmap. Product roles help prioritize features, refine requirements, maintain a product backlog, foster innovation, and ultimately deliver valuable products. In this session, we’ll talk about Product Manager and Product Owner roles, and how these are often defined quite differently by various employers. We’ll discuss strategic and value-centered approaches, tactical responsibilities focused on successful product execution and effective collaboration with other team delivery roles like engineering and design. We’ll touch on principles from Lean Startup, and dive a bit deeper into what “minimum viable product” really means (and doesn’t mean). Agile Essentials sessions are designed for first-time Agile Alliance conference attendees and anyone new to agile or looking for a refresh. Each one provides a broad overview of key agile practices and the principles behind them. You’ll leave feeling grounded, up-to-date on the latest agile concepts, and ready to take on new challenges in any role or any agile framework.
Sally Gasser
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
Location Name
Austin 4-6
Session Type
Agile Essentials
Learning Level
Learning Objectives
• Demonstrate an increased awareness of various product roles in organizations.
• Articulate the challenges product people face in communicating requirements to teams today.
• Understand what an MVP means and how to create one in complex organizational environments.