The Courage and Commitment to Change

"We're already agile" is a common trope heard in organizations around the world. Yet, it's as misleading as it is vague. Organizations are no closer to being aligned on agile values as we were when the Agile Manifesto was signed. The problem is that agile is not the goal, and thus being agile or doing agile lacks meaning. The real goal is to improve upon some aspect of business for the better. What is your goal? This is a workshop for participants that includes a real leadership story behind it - a leadership team having the courage to step into change and the commitment to stick to it when things got tough. It's a four year journey that illustrates agility as an organizational competency rather than a framework or process to follow. The workshop allows participants to make this story their own, by exploring their values, goals, and alignment of leadership toward them.

Pete Behrens
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location Name
Grapevine 5-6
Session Type
Enriching Organizations
Learning Level
Learning Objectives
Leadership mirroring - Organization's mirror their leaders and as such, change journeys require leaders to take the first step.

Agility as a competency - Agility is an organization's ability to change, not a process, framework or tool.

Values alignment - Organizational values shape structures, policies and measures of success. Understanding and aligning values to goals are essential for a successful change journey.

Marginal Gains - Transformation is simply a compounding of small changes over time. Impactful organizational change requires commitment to a journey and reinvestment year over year.
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