Accelerating Innovation: The Art of Obeya Building and Hosting from the Trenches

Join Olav Maassen and Laurens Bonnema as they delve into the art of Obeya building and hosting, sharing their hands-on experiences from the trenches. This engaging presentation takes you on a journey from the initial stages of visual management confusion to the satisfying realization of "Ah, that's how you do it!". Discover the origins, purpose, and visual management aspects of Obeya, and learn how it fosters organizational engagement, collaboration, and effective problem-solving to drive innovation. Beyond just visual radiators on the walls, Obeya's allow you to create a dynamic information network that helps speed up information flow, decision-making and the rate of innovation. This presentation also explores the transition to digital platforms and the role of a host or facilitator in an Obeya meeting. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about continuous improvement, creating learning organisms, and the art of Obeya hosting from two industry experts.

Olav Maassen Laurens Bonnema
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Location Name
Grapevine B
Session Type
Enriching Organizations
Learning Level
Learning Objectives
- Gain a deep understanding Obeya's origins and purposes to enhance communication, cooperation, and decision-making.
- Acquire skills in implementing visual management within Obeya and understand the benefits and practical applications of these visual techniques.
- Learn to create a participative and dynamic team environment for effective problem-solving and product innovation.
- Master problem-solving methods specific to the Obeya framework through analyzing real-world case studies to understand practical applications.
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