Agile Essentials: Planning, Estimation, and Forecasting
Agility has revolutionized the way products and services are built by offering flexible and iterative approaches. Among its distinctive features are the methods it employs for planning, estimating, and forecasting the work. In this presentation, we’ll cover the foundations of breaking down work into small increments, planning in short-term iterations, adapting and responding to customer feedback, and shifting priorities. We’ll learn estimation approaches such as story-pointing, planning poker, and relative sizing. Finally, we’ll show how to forecast future outcomes more accurately and make informed decisions based on historical and empirical performance data. Agile Essentials sessions are designed for first-time Agile Alliance conference attendees and anyone who’s new to agile or looking for a refresh. Each one provides a broad overview of key agile practices and the principles behind them. You’ll leave feeling grounded, up-to-date on the latest agile concepts, and ready to take on new challenges in any role or any agile framework.
Padmini Nidumolu
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Location Name
Austin 4-6
Session Type
Agile Essentials
Learning Level
Learning Objectives
• Understand Agile Principles: Gain a clear understanding of the core principles and values of Agile methodology for effective project management.
• Use Agile Planning Tools: Learn to utilize Agile planning tools and techniques efficiently to organize and prioritize project tasks.
• Analyze Agile Estimation Challenges: Evaluate limitations associated with Agile estimation to improve its accuracy and effectiveness.
• Use Forecasting Techniques: Apply forecasting methods to manage stakeholder expectations and adjust plans as needed based on the progress.
Implement Feedback Loops: Establish feedback mechanisms to adapt plans according to changing requirements and stakeholder feedback.
• Apply Agile Methods Practically: Demonstrate practical application of Agile planning, estimation, and forecasting techniques in real-world project scenarios.