The Missing Link: Great Product Roadmaps

I'm sure we have all seen or created a roadmap, a busy diagram, with lines and arrows and boxes that neatly squeezes onto a page and is quickly forgotten and out of date. It's time to make roadmaps great again! Roadmaps are the missing link between stakeholder communication and breaking down work for the product backlog. They keep your backlog clean and your stakeholders out of the weeds and focussed on outcomes. Join us as we explore modern roadmaps from both a strategic and tactical lens and uncover the super powers this tool has in your product toolkit. You will discover why outcome oriented roadmaps are the key that sits between your stakeholder and your team and their vision and the product backlog. and you will takeaway some great techniques and templates you can use straight away.

Craig Smith
Date & Time
Monday, July 22, 2024, 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
Location Name
Texas 5
Session Type
Accelerating Products
Learning Level
Learning Objectives
* Understand that a good product roadmap is outcome oriented
* Define that good product roadmap sits between the vision and the backlog and the stakeholder and the team and can solve many existing communication bottlenecks
* Understand the importance of simplicity and breaking work down to communicate plans and dependencies
* Experience building an outcome oriented roadmap and takeaway tools, templates and techniques that can be used straight away
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