Agile Essentials Workshop: Facilitation
Facilitation skills make the difference between dreaded “meetings” and engaging, productive team activities. Facilitation skills are essential for all roles in an agile development team – whether technical, product, design, or coach – because they’re crucial for cross-functional collaboration, conflict resolution, decision-making, navigating uncertainty, fostering a flexible/trusting team environment, and most of all, making agile’s frequent meeting cadence useful and even enjoyable. Hone your facilitation skills to ensure your team achieves the desired outcomes. In this engaging workshop, we’ll learn facilitation skills by getting hands-on and putting the facilitation skills into practice. When done well, they seem like magic! We will demystify the great techniques used by effective facilitators. You will see that they’re completely achievable with a bit of listening and a bit more practice. Agile Essentials sessions are designed for first-time Agile Alliance conference attendees and anyone new to Agile or looking for a refresh. Each one provides a broad overview of key agile practices and the principles behind them. You’ll leave feeling grounded, up-to-date on the latest agile concepts, and ready to take on new challenges in any role or any agile framework.
Maria Chec
Date & Time
Monday, July 22, 2024, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Location Name
Austin 4-6
Session Type
Agile Essentials
Learning Level
Learning Objectives
• Facilitation principles - grasp the fundamental concepts of facilitation, and the key elements of a successful meeting such as the agenda, session objectives, timeboxes, and effectively guiding attendees throughout the interaction.
• Sessions design - learn how to design and lead diverse agile ceremonies like Scrum events, workshops, and other meetings. Parting from the Double Diamond, you'll learn which techniques are best suited for each of the four phases of a session.
• Understanding the facilitator’s role - understand what it means to wear the facilitator’s hat. Explore the key attributes of a successful facilitator, hone your soft skills, and learn how to guide groups and promote effective collaboration.
• Managing group dynamics - enhance your soft skills and learn some tricks to manage group dynamics, maintain energy levels, and foster effective collaboration among team members.