Tuning Your Distributed Team with a Right Environment Exercise (Dave Prior, Mark Kilby)

Distributed Teams have always presented challenges, but how many of those challenges are driven by the environment that has been installed by others without input from the actual team?
When this happens, the team is too busy trying to conform to a process rather than organically developing their most effective way to collaborate.

What if we could create systems that invite distributed teams to:

  • Rise up to become the students of how they work
  • Design their work ecosystem
  • Own their social system of work

Join us to run a Modus Right Environment Exercise to help your distributed teams build the social systems and ecosystems that works best for them (or any team)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to build on a normal value stream map to identify opportunities for collaboration and how to leverage them in order to create a more effective and humane work system for the team
  • Build a Team Charter that supports team members first, surfaces shared values, and creates clarity around what each team member needs and expects from fellow team members and the system in which they work.
  • Create a shared, collaboration communications agreement built around when, how, and why team members choose to collaborate.
  • How to create a Value Matrix that the team can use to clarify shared values in their current state as well as a roadmap that clarifies shared intent as they work together on a plan that will enhance their ability to thrive together in the future. 
  • How to design or enhance an Obeya that actively generates collaborative interaction, solutions, and opportunities for the team to engage with one another

Featured Participant:  Tim Nolan

Mark Kilby Dave Prior
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location Name
Lafayette 4
Session Type
Learning Level
Energizing People and Teams
collaboration, communications, ValueStreamManagement, teamhealth, team-design, team-building, Team_Interaction, RightEnvironment, Distributed_Teams, Charter
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