Full Name
Mariya Breyter
Job Title
Head of Product Management
Speaker Bio
Mariya Breyter brings 20 years of leadership experience to the Agile and Lean community. Her passion for creating high-performance teams and delivering superior products to clients through efficient, lean processes had produced success after success in companies ranging from Big 4 consulting and Fortune 100 insurance to mid-sized educational and media businesses.
Mariya has a Ph.D in Computational Linguistics followed by a Post-Doctorate at Stanford University. She has built her career optimizing and improving software delivery and instilling Agile and Lean values at multitudes of companies while keeping the primary focus on the people within those processes. She is a frequent presenter at Agile conferences, from Agile Games in Boston to Lean IT in Paris, and a popular blogger. Her blog was selected for inclusion in the Best Agile Articles 2020 publication. Mariya runs her free agile coaching site, www.agileleantransformation.com , where she provides coaching on demand and shares her thoughts on organizational agility.
Mariya is passionate about Agile and Lean and uses personal Kanban at home with her family.
Mariya Breyter