Full Name
Marie Kalliney
Job Title
Managing Director, Broadcom
Speaker Bio
I'm a transformational executive with a diverse background that includes a master class in Value Stream Management (VSM) and product management, all unknowingly gained during my earlier career in the world of fine dining. With extensive experience in global business and technology transformation, I'm passionate about helping organizations achieve optimal performance and realize their full potential.

In my previous life as a line cook and chef, I unknowingly honed my skills in VSM and product management as I orchestrated culinary experiences, ensuring every element came together seamlessly. This unique experience taught me the importance of precision, attention to detail, and optimizing processes to deliver an exceptional final product.

Today, as the Practice Director of Digital Transformation at Broadcom, I bring this culinary finesse to the world of technology. My expertise spans a wide range of topics, including sustainability, value stream management, digital transformation, agile and lean methodologies, and enterprise product management.
Marie Kalliney