Hobby Hall

We’re all so much more than what we do at work. Hobby Hall is a place to showcase, geek out together, and share with each other all the things that fill our cup outside of agile. If you have a (conference-appropriate) passion to share, bring it with you and come hang out in Hobby Hall! We’ll be open as a drop-in lounge daily, with 2-3 scheduled sessions each day where you can demonstrate or learn - stop by in the morning to reserve a teaching space (first come first served) or to see what’s being offered!

Music and dance, fiber and textile arts, drawing and painting, creative writing, photography, puzzles, toys and building, academic subjects… are just a few ideas we’d love to see. Games and gaming are welcome in Hobby Hall and our conference’s dedicated game rooms.

Hobbies must be Code of Conduct compliant (no nudity or sexualized content) and the items you bring must be safe (no weapons, nothing flammable or toxic) and legal in Tennessee (leave your cannabis at home). Please plan to protect the furnishings and do your own cleanup if your hobby might leave a mess. We can’t wait to see how you inspire us!

Date & Time
Monday, July 18, 2022, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location Name
Hermitage E