Breaking Bias
Jariatu Mansaray Ricardo Abella

Both research and common sense show that biases can distort our reality and impair our judgment. Prejudices and negative attitudes toward certain ideas, beliefs, and groups of people can compromise daily decisions and make the workplace more difficult to navigate. And while bias can be hard to detect, many of its effects and consequences are readily perceived: racism, discriminatory employment practices, bureaucracy, inequity, heavy standards and protocols, low levels of trust, discomfort, etc. However, is there more to the discussion? Are we collectively failing to address any positive impacts of bias or how we can leverage biases to improve our work environments? If our collective goals as leaders, managers, coaches and practitioners include increasing trust, fostering collaboration, and nurturing high-performing organizations, effectively identifying and managing biases is a critical area to examine and improve. Is it possible to eliminate bias? Are all biases harmful? How can we reduce the damaging impact that they can have on our teams and organizations? Is it possible to create a healthy, productive culture in an increasingly polarized world riddled with unfiltered information? How can we implement effective methods, tactics, or processes? Don’t miss this extended, double-block session to deeply explore bias origins, effects in the workplace, and possible ways to manage it! Be ready to challenge beliefs, think deeper, and explore different perspectives. You will explore, discover, learn, and have fun!

Date & Time
Monday, July 18, 2022, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location Name
Ryman Studio L
Session Type
Learning Level
The Salon, Sponsored by RAF
Ethics | Psychological Safety | DEI