Organizational Learning: Experiment with Better Ways to Experiment
John Buck Jutta Eckstein

You’ve learned a lot at the conference, but how can you make that learning operational in your organization? How can you spread your newly gained knowledge - adapted to your organization so that it sticks and grows? Ensuring your whole organization benefits from your conference experience can be compared to leading any kind of change. As a coach or manager, you’re often the one who drives and sustains the changes that will bring noteworthy, outstanding results (not only after a conference). Yet, how do you sustain change within a team, across teams and departments, or even within the whole organization in ways that are reliable and safe enough to try? Especially for a complex change, you will undoubtedly want to experiment with what you’ve learned. In this session, we will help you experiment with how best to do experiments in your organization. What are the key skills and concepts you need for being a great experimenter? Well-disciplined probes (based on the hypotheses you’ve first created) can show you what’s working and what is not through one or several experiments. Probes help you make sense of both your current complex situation and even more important of the situation you are aiming for. In this workshop, we will work in small teams to develop probes around topics you’ve learned at the conference so far. The workshop will prepare you to execute your probes in your company. We’ll encourage you to share results with each other - later, after the conference, so you can keep learning from each other. You will experience creating and improving probe designs and using the designs to create exciting new paths for action.

Date & Time
Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location Name
Tennessee C
Session Type
3 Hour Workshop
Learning Level
Enriching Organizations, Sponsored by Lucid
Change Management / Transformation | Continuous Improvement |