“What You Cannot Name, You Cannot Manage” – Your Individual Manifesto for Agile Coaching
Kay Harper Antoinette Coetzee

There is a lot taught and written about the role and competencies of an Agile coach. Agile Coaches continuously learn new tools and techniques, more skills. But as we have learnt the hard way, when it comes to Individuals and Interactions, it is not what you do, it is your mindset that really makes the difference. You are your biggest tool. So are you clear about the inner "manifesto" that drives your Agile Coaching? Are you clear about what you pay attention to, what you are aiming for, what success looks like? How do you initiate the change from where they are now to where they could go? What, for you, lies beyond "making them more Agile" ? Consciously or unconsciously, as Agile coach there is an inner "knowing" about a better way for the groups you work with. Most of us are not completely clear about what we are aiming for, which makes it hard for us to articulate what it is we do and what the benefits are that we bring. We work on our intuition and experience, and although that could be effective, bringing the work we do into a clearer focus provides the additional benefit of being able to explicitly pull on one lever and not another. And more easily identify where we have gaps in either knowledge or application. Would you like a leg up to start defining your own unique "manifesto for Agile Coaching"? Maybe receive some guidance about what such a manifesto could contain? If you are keen to lay bare your underlying beliefs and assumptions with the help of your fellow agile coaches, come join us. Bring your coaching skills, bring your experience and let's apply them to real life coaching conundrums to start to reveal your personal "model" for agile coaching.

Date & Time
Monday, July 18, 2022, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
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Lincoln CDE
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Enriching Organizations, Sponsored by Lucid
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