[Agile] Coaching Agreement As Creative Partnership
Nadezhda Belousova

As an Agile coach, have you ever struggled with managing expectations of your role in the organization? Has magic in any shape or form been implicitly included in your responsibilities or deliverables? Was it expected of you to be “agile” and re-adjust the definition of your coaching activities with each and every shift of operational context? And what’s more, have you ever felt like carrying the weight of the whole Agile transformation on your shoulders? Although there may be many heavy-lifting moments and unpredictable turns on the journey of organizational growth and development, there is a way to help you stay firmly grounded in your coaching intent. You can navigate a wide range of situations with more clarity and grace, while nurturing everyone’s commitment to bring change. You can grow trustful relationships and cultivate ownership of development by individual contributors, teams and leaders. Join this talk to learn how to establish healthy boundaries, structure coaching priorities and enable self-organization from day one. Whether you’re an external or internal Agile coach, you will get many practical tips on how to effectively (re-)frame your Agile coaching engagements as creative partnerships through the lens of professional coaching agreements.

Date & Time
Thursday, July 21, 2022, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
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Presidential AB
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Enriching Organizations, Sponsored by Lucid
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