I Wonder Why? – Systems Thinking Cause-Effect Mapping for Collective Learning
Dhaval Panchal

Do you ever wonder why your organization behaves the way it does? Why some impediments never really go away? Have any of your past fixes backfired? Organizations are complex entities, with multiple factors effecting overall outcomes. Leadership is about creating an environment where others feel empowered. Your actions have unintended consequences, and learning to think in systems is key to unlocking your full leadership potential. Enabling lasting shift in organizational dynamics requires leaders to be able to separate surface symptoms from many influencing root causes. But this cannot be done by the leader in isolation. Discipline of organizational learning starts with dialogue, the capacity of members to suspend assumptions and enter into "thinking together". In this workshop you will learn simple cause-effect diagram technique to collectively explore each other's perspective on a shared problem. By diagramming cause and effect relationship between various factors you will learn together to identify dominant cause(s) and dominant effect(s). Prepare to be surprised, you will experience what it feels to learn together with others and own your own insights. In this workshop session, you will learn to hold a systems modeling session that will help your leadership team to analyze a problem together and align on counter-measures to be tried. We will explore problems at different *resolutions*: The individual, the team, and the management. This will help you to experience utility of this technique at different scales so you can apply it again at your workplace with your peers.

Date & Time
Monday, July 18, 2022, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
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Ryman Studio MNO
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Enriching Organizations, Sponsored by Lucid
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