Evolving Agile: The Game We Design Together

What is this thing called Agile? Is it old hat and common sense? Or some newfangled nonsense? How is it different from Business Agility? Lean? DevOps? How are they connected? And, what if your current process isn’t delivering the results you need? And that’s exactly why you came here! Seeking answers about what to do next. At this conference, you'll encounter many different perspectives about what Agile is...and isn't. How do you make sense of these differences? How can your organization achieve the right results for you? Forget what Agile methodologies promise. What's the right "Agile" for you? In this rollicking talk, Diana Larsen will answer many of your questions, and inspire new ones. She will share a brief history of Agile ideas. You'll consider whether the good ol' Agile Manifesto has anything to offer you now, twenty plus years on. A shift to Agile could involve changing your work culture to improve your production. That’s uncomfortable and challenging. So, why does anyone embark on this journey? What benefits do they hope to get out of it? How do they go about transitioning? What and where will you find helpful resources? Are there any at this conference?

To provide context we’ll:

* Look at the progression from which Agile methods and practices emerged and evolved

* Discuss the impact of the Agile Manifesto and 12 Principles on the way we develop software today.

* Notice the aligned movements that emerged

* Describe working “Agile" with its similarities, differences, and what might need to change

* Discover what you and your colleagues (you brought an ally or two didn't you?) can do next Monday to get started.

Date & Time
Monday, July 18, 2022, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
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Presidential AB
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