Chartering Teams for Success
Horia Slușanschi

In years of working in critical situations, seeing initiatives facing all manner of difficulties, we have noticed some classic failure modes. Too often we allow a sense of time pressure to rush us into assembling groups of people and calling them "teams", launching them at work without a sufficiently clear purpose, alignment and context. Much suffering, waste and frustration can be avoided by investing in an effective chartering experience for each team. As we learn to practice dynamic reteaming more frequently, effective and rapid chartering is becoming increasingly important. In this workshop, we will share with the audience a highly effective approach to chartering teams for success. It is and extension of the work and concepts of III, Ainsley Nies and Diana Larson. We will cover the following aspects of a team chartering experience: * an overview of the key elements to be attended to; * a range of planning strategies and concerns, including ideas for running effective chartering workshops online; * an array of examples of chartering activities and options, and practice a few with the audience; We will share stories of triumph and struggle at building solid foundations for excellent habits of joyful work. You will notice how effective chartering can inform more impactful reteaming efforts. How it can unlock skills and capabilities that would otherwise remain hidden. How it helps to build strong relationships, mutual respect and trust. How it builds clarity and shared understanding.

Date & Time
Thursday, July 21, 2022, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Location Name
Ryman Studio MNO
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Learning Level
Energizing People and Teams Sponsored by AgilityHealth
Team Cohesion/Formation |