Choose Your Own Coaching Adventure - Team Edition
Gillian Miranda Lee Damon Poole

It's hard to practice coaching a team or an organization... without actually coaching a team or organization. So, we've created a set of "Choose Your Own Coaching Adventure" games similar to our other coaching games, but focused on teams and organizations. Each game represents a different scenario with multiple challenges to overcome in order to produce a successful result. At the start of each game you'll be presented with a description of the scenario and a choice of 3-5 actions you can take such as "Work with the team to figure out what they would like to do next" or "Present your recommended changes to the CTO." Each action has the potential to uncover additional information and/or actions that you can take. There are many branching paths, and it will feel just like working with real people: determining what approach is appropriate in each situation: powerful questions, teaching, facilitation, or providing expertise. Along the way you'll interact with teams, team members, stakeholders, and leaders in the organization. There are three games. In the first game you have been brought in by the CTO to work with a single team. In the second game you are helping an organization with three teams start their journey. In the third game you are an Enterprise Agile Coach working with a large organization with many teams through their Scrum Masters and Team Coaches. Each of the games takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. You'll have a chance to practice many coaching skills including: powerful questions, emotional intelligence, rapport building, acting as a mirror, encouraging and supporting learning and growth, and pivoting between coaching and providing expertise. The games are meant to be played in small groups of 2-4 people to encourage discussion and to provide an opportunity to learn from each other. Think "escape the room" style fun and collaboration. To get an idea of what these games are like, you can try the ones we have online which are focused on individuals: [Choose Your Own Coaching Adventures](

Date & Time
Thursday, July 21, 2022, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
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Presidential AB
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Energizing People and Teams Sponsored by AgilityHealth
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