People Are Telling Me I’m Doing Agile Wrong – Am I?
Jake Calabrese

What exactly are the “rules” when it comes to agile or scrum? What happens when you must break a rule – like when you boss makes you a Scrum Master and a Product Owner? Is that allowed? Will the Scrum Police come for you? The short answer is, they will not, unless you post what you are doing on Twitter (don’t do that). There are many of these types of challenges within agile, scrum, kanban and other approaches (what if you don’t have a product owner or scrum master, what if you have a person on two teams, what if … insert your issue here ____). What else might you do that results in someone to telling you “You are doing agile wrong!”? This session will explore many of these issues and options to address these challenges. We will also dig into what people mean when they tell you are doing agile wrong. Generally, if you simply ignore all aspects of agile, perhaps you are not doing agile wrong, you are simply not doing agile at all. That said, it is important to look at why you are breaking a so-called rule and look at how you are trying to improve. We also need to consider if you understand the value behind the ‘rule’ and are achieving it in another way. Throughout the session we will be challenging the folks who talk about some kind of “perfect” agile AND we will be pushing back on the notion that we can just do whatever we want and call it agile. Expect this session to bring some hard-nosed compassion and exploration!

Date & Time
Thursday, July 21, 2022, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
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Hermitage CD
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Agile Essentials, Sponsored by Netmind
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