Leading Multi-Cultural Change
Omar Velasco Dan Leeds Patricia Acosta Soler Jordi Falguera Raj Heda Evan Leybourn

Leading global transformation engagements is always a challenge. The issues are not just a matter of international geography, time zones and language. Even when we can agree on a common language for the engagement, we find that native and non-native speakers do not speak the same language. Divisions within the same company may feel like entirely different companies. Often, they have been. Organizational and decision-making norms vary from culture to culture. Politeness and rudeness vary. Modes of personal and group interaction and even thought can vary. The World is a wonderous place of marvelous diversity … sometimes puzzlingly and frustratingly so.

Please join us for a deep dive into the multi-cultural maelstrom with a panel who have survived and thrived in it. Our panel will be led and moderated by Evan Leybourn, co-founder of the Business Agility Institute.

Learning Objectives
Learning objectives:
o Our top/frequent challenge when dealing with multi-cultural change management?
o What was your biggest surprise insight about multi-cultural change management?
o Is Business & Enterprise Lean-Agility easier or harder than traditional approaches in a multi-cultural setting?
Agile Exchange
Session Type
Agile Exchange