Agile Conferences and Communities, Then & Now
Todd Little

You are attending this Agile2021 conference. Ever wonder how it got started? How it has evolved? The conference actually has two beginnings, as the Agile2005 conference was the merger of the Agile Development Conference and XP/Agile Universe. Todd Little was one of the co-founders along with Alistair Cockburn who brought forth the Agile Development Conference in Salt Lake City in 2003. He was also the one to guide the merger in 2005. Join Todd as he shares the history of the conferences and along with that how communities were developed. Todd was on the board of the Agile Alliance, a founder and past President of Agile Leadership Network, and currently the Chairman of Kanban University. He has a few things to say about how things were then & how they have evolved now.

Learning Objectives
How did the conferences get started?
What challenges were encountered?
How were they overcome?
How have things evolved today?
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