Sustainable Disruption, Where We Go From Here
Gabrielle Benefield Alistair Cockburn Jutta Eckstein

Three disruptive leaders share global insights on the impact and future of agile. Comparing the challenges of the late 1990s that resulted in the agile manifesto with those of today that indicate what we should work on now. Social responsibility, climate change, diversity, inclusion, trans-national work. This is not just a moral imperative it’s an economic imperative.

Join the conversation with Alistair Cockburn, one of the manifesto authors, Jutta Eckstein, who participated in the growth of agile from the patterns movements in the late 90s, and Gabrielle Benefield, who was a pre-agile practitioner in the dot-com startups of the late 90s. Drawing on decades of innovation across cultures and industries, they look at how we can use our current knowledge to nudge the post-pandemic world into a better place.

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