Abiodun (Abby) Osoba

The Bulls Eye Framework is an Agile Practice that enables any organization that has adopted Agile or wants to adopt Agile and intends to start its Agile journey or is on its path toward agility. It is a customizable Agile Delivery Framework (ADF) for any organization.

About the Framework

Designed from scratch, positioned to be one of the recognized frameworks, the approach is to quickly identify and form an agile team using the pattern of Family, friends and allies:

Family - Core team (Product Owner, Scrum Master, the team) - this is the core teams. Long-lasting team working day in day out on the identified outcome. Could based on Scrum, Kanban or any other framework for that matter

Friends - Extended Dependent teams ( Dependencies, platform owners, infrastructure teams, operational support teams and any other team or group that the core team depends on)

Allies - Sponsors, Organizational impediment removers (could be the Managing Director, President and all those creating the required support environment for the agile delivery and transformation to thrive). Required to provide the empathy, emotional support to the core team.

We will present a session that will showcase a tested and practiced framework which has been used in Africa, North America as well as tin the UAE, where the enterprise and teams within an organization have passes through the processes of the BULLSEYE FRAMEWORK to achieve effective and efficient collaboration, communication and coordination. High value delivery, product strategy, with a focus on customer journey, customer experience and visibility between Products, Projects and Teams

We would also talk how this can be incorporated into the existing Agile Center of Excellence (COE) and it can also be a good entry point for kick-starting a new COE with an organization.

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