Coach Me If You Can:Change your Identity from Individual Coach to an Awesome Coaching Team
Sarah Graham

As agile coaches, we work to help teams on their journey towards creating an awesome identity of a high performing team, built on values of transparency, collaboration and courage. We help them discover their team values, to focus on a team vision, to pair, to swarm, to collaborate, and to experiment towards high performance. Why is it, that when we’re working as a group of coaches, we often change our identity from team champion to individual runaway coach? We forget to create our own team vision, working agreements, and ways of working as a team. In this talk, discover how a team of agile coaches had the courage to lead by example and become a high performing agile coaching team. Learn how they committed to work as a team and how creating simple things like a team charter changed our own behaviours and mindsets. Hear about how we took an experimental approach to our own ways of working, and we’ll tell you about our learnings along the way.

Learning Objectives
Learn the tools to help build high performing teams - including your own coaching team.
Understand, create and align on your team vision
Discover how transparency and courage can help foster a collaboration
Learn how value based culture can have a positive effect on your behaviours
Discover how you can innovate and experiment as a team of agile coaches
Learn how to coach both teams and individuals
Session Type