Enemy of Our Success: Breaking-free from unconscious self-bias
Khwezi Mputa

We are familiar with the unconscious bias we have about others based on where they are from, the university they graduated from, their social circles, their gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or race. We make continuous efforts to be aware of this bias and try by all means to prevent it, through repetitive conscious decisions that free us from biases and allow us to realize the full benefits of diversity. But what about the unconscious bias we have about ourselves? Are you silencing your own voice and holding yourself back from contributing towards diversity. Have you worried about what people may think of you if they knew where you were from, if they knew that you maybe did not get an opportunity to study towards a degree or maybe if they knew your sexual orientation. What are the thoughts or beliefs that have become your enemy to success?

In this session Khwezi Mputa will help you identify your own limiting beliefs. She will share her personal experiences and methods she has used to break free from the unconscious self-bias holding her back. She will empower you to shift those beliefs towards something meaningful. This session will inspire you to embrace you own diversity and break-free from the enemy of your success and help you to start unleash your fullest potential.

Learning Objectives
• Define unconscious self-bias.
• Reflect on your own unconscious self-bias.
• Explore techniques to break-free from unconscious self-bias.
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