Escaping calendar gridlock: how do great product teams learn together, from each other?
Chris Butler

Does your product team find the time to improve as a community of practice? Or does your team schedule every available moment for status meetings? Do you fail to create feedback loops that grow an individual's capabilities? When a team does eventually prioritize learning, does it end up being boring and ineffective? This is because most programs (and talks about this) are focused on ‘up-leveling’ through training rather than learning from each other. The key to product team growth is to find more ways to learn together and to transfer experience faster. It gets especially tricky when there are different needs for improving procedural, nuanced, interpersonal, or intangible skills.

Through this talk Chris Butler will show how he has developed programs at small and large organizations to take product people to the next level. This includes giving valuable mentorship to newbies, challenges for those transitioning to seniority, and increasing scope to those that are already tenured.

Learning Objectives
Understand a template for practice improvement to apply in your team later
Execute great product critiques as a way to add more value to every project from the entire team
Learn how to create valuable training workshops and programs that make real change in day-to-day behaviors - across the spectrum of skill tangibility
Demonstration of simulation games to increase the speed at which product people gain experience
Session Type