Ship Fast and Pay Attention: Lessons in Applying Observability
Dan Abel

It’s all too easy to focus on our test environments and invest heavily in tools, code and process that are about inspecting before shipping. By doing this we lose track of what our users do and the value of their experience. By focusing more on shipping code to your live system and knowing how it behaves, you can build a system that’s more fit for the purpose of serving your users and solving their problems, even when a part of your system stops working. Shipping more often with fewer tests sounds risky and counter-intuitive but will allow teams to worry less and listen to their systems more.

This talk will present the principles of Observability and ‘Testing in Production’ and how they can help build resilient systems. It will explain their value using real life examples and use these to present lessons that you can apply.

Learning Objectives
* Understand the gains from investing in shipping changes more often and observing your software in Production
* Understanding the practices that complement Observability to build resilience and act on failure responsibly
* Patterns to begin to add more observability to products and systems using simple techniques and existing tooling
* A useful model to price the value of investing in more observability
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