Retros Done Right: Less Talk and More Action
Arlen Bankston

Retrospective discussions often focus on using the right patterns and tools, but neither addresses the real problem in most organizations: how do you actually ensure action and get results? Properly run retrospectives can be great at highlighting opportunities for improvement, but there’s a pernicious problem that plagues many of them: a lack of action. In order to realize the process improvement benefits that retros are meant to convey, talk must be accompanied by action. In this lightly interactive talk you’ll hear some basic best practices for retros, a few somewhat unusual patterns for conducting them, and most importantly some proven methods for ensuring that they get acted upon.

This session will NOT be recorded. Attendance is first come, first serve. 

This session will be delivered on Zoom.

Learning Objectives
Learn how to ensure that retrospectives result in action
Acquire a few unusual and inventive patterns for running retros
Receive templates for running a few different types of retrospectives
Learn how to track and share the impact of retro action items
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