Using Hate to Achieve Your Goals and Influence People
Bevan Williams

Do you hate how things work around you? Do you find yourself exclaiming “I hate using Jira!”, "I hate doing a Daily Standup!", or “I hate being micromanaged!”? Does it feel like these emotions seem to follow you throughout your career? There’s lots of leadership advice out there about following your passion. They say "Do what you love and people will follow!". For me, and many others, this didn’t seem realistic or achievable - I just didn’t know what I was passionate about. Having stumbled through various roles, I finally found my passion as a leader by looking deeper into the things I hated. Are you curious about how this negative, oft-avoided emotion can be used to drive you to be a more impactful leader?

Come join me as I take you through a journey into the science of emotions, needs and goals to help you find your passion and use it to make you a leader that others **want** to follow.

Learning Objectives
Use your hatred of things around you to create a positive vision for the future
Identify and acknowledge the feeling of hate and use it to your advantage
Feel ready to achieve that next big step in your life with self-compassion
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