How Rocket Mortgage Used Scaled Agile and Scrum to Dominate the Mortgage Industry
David Juan

In 2000 Quicken Loans was the first company to do mortgages online and launched its Rocket Mortgage product in 2016 during the Super Bowl, quickly becoming the largest mortgage originator in the US. With more than 17,000 team members and a culture of being obsessed with finding a better way, the leadership team at Quicken Loans operates with the mindset of what got us here won’t get us there. In 2018, as the technology leadership team at Quicken Loans looked at best practices around scaling large technology organizations, they adopted a scaled agile model that focused on organizing teams into collections of “release trains” centered around business value streams.  In this session, we’ll dive into the Product Engineering stream at Quicken Loans, which comprises 18 of the organization’s 26 release trains, and covers 8 business-value specific value streams.

We’ll go a level deeper to examine the Brand Marketing Release Train, which is a group of 6 Product Engineering teams, responsible for the Digital Storefront of Quicken Loans. Over the course of a two-year period, the Brand Marketing Release Train reduced average feature cycle time by 75%, from 86 days to 21 days, and was able to increase feature delivery by 340% across all 6 teams. 

During this session you will learn about the specific tools and techniques that enabled the Brand Marketing Release Train to achieve this by layering a scaled scrum approach on top of a scaled agile model.

Learning Objectives
- Experience key success factors in scaling 17000 agile people.
- Understand how you can significantly improve your scaled performance using patterns to drive minimum viable bureaucracy.
- See how agile leadership teams are formed and meet with stakeholders on a regular cadence to drive focus, performance, and impediment removal.
- Know some specific tools and techniques to use when you return home to improve your scaled environment.
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