Got credit? Using agile and visual models to roll out a credit transformation at Dell
Carlon Halmenschlager Szymanski Candase Hokanson

In 2016, Dell Financial Services decided to transform its credit ecosystem. This involved a complete rebuild of the credit adjudication platform in the US as well as rolling that platform out globally. Fast-forward two years and we have done that. We replaced the US platform and launched the new credit engine to 20 countries globally. How? By using agile principles, building solid teams, and using visual models. Join us on an adventure of the ups and downs of the credit world including: working with multi-national credit bureaus, dealing with distributed business team members with often conflicting needs, and coordinating across two multi-continent teams on a single code base.

Learning Objectives
Start solid! Working with the architecture team to give the new product flexibility and modularization so that as we added counties to the platform, we didn't need to refactor or re-architect.
-Using visual models to illustrate the whole system, the internal working and the business logic saved this product so many times! We had a base System Flow diagram that showed all the steps the product took, so any new stories/requirements could be placed in their context. Additionally, modeling the business logic so we knew exactly what to do with each application from each country saved us costly re-work and audit findings as we rolled out to the new countries and regions.
-Keep the agile principles at the center of everything!- By focusing on people and interactions, we were able to more quickly swivel to meet business demands as we worked with credit bureaus who were not always clear on their requirements to integrate.
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