A 6 Month Cultural Transformation: The Penta Story
Jeff Bubolz Laura Henderson

66% of American workers are disengaged at work. The employees at Penta Technologies, a construction software company based in Milwaukee, Wis., were no exception to this staggering workplace statistic. In early 2019, the company had reached a tipping point where something had to change, or the company’s culture would hit a breaking point that would create an existential crisis for the business. Enter not just a shift in project management methodologies, but a company-wide communication and engagement renaissance. Three months after the switch to agile, 98% of Penta employees said that they felt empowered to make decisions at work. In this talk, Laura Henderson, COO of Penta, and Jeff Bubolz, Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) with will walk step-by-step through the agile journey that Penta took to increase employee engagement, accountability, ownership, and delivery through a customer-centric lens. You’ll see how Penta was transformed into a learning organization that has harnessed change as its competitive advantage. This change was not without its obstacles and we will share lessons learned throughout the company’s transformation into an innovative leader at the forefront of the construction Payroll and Labor Productivity space.

Learning Objectives
· Walk through the simple steps leadership took to begin their agile journey
· Understand the essential role of communication in this cultural reboot
· See how embracing agile greatly increased employee engagement
Learning Level
Session Type
Experience Report